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An Introduction From Deborah C. Washington... Becoming a New Author

Dear Reader,

Writing has been a part of my life from the moment I could form sentences. When I was in third grade, I had my first writing success when I won the puppet stage prize the teacher offered for the best essay. I haven't stopped writing since.

What do I write? I write short stories, poems, children's stories and a novel has been in the works forever. I have written manuals for various work projects. In high school I started a monthly newspaper for my small hometown. Together with some friends, we produced it monthly for two years.

I have won (well, 2nd place) two short story contests, won a limerick contest and have been published in newspapers and local historical books.

I have always written letters too, from the first thank you notes that my mother insisted I write to a dozen pen pals in different states across America and internationally to Australia, Denmark, Greece and Saudi Arabia. That brings me to the name of this blog. I brainstormed and agonized over what to call this new blog. I loved, "Ponderings and Wanderings"--taken. My husband suggested, "Random Thoughts", I knew that was taken. Every new idea that I came up with, I googled. Nothing was original. I thought back to when I was a pen pal. My usual sign off was, "As Always, Debbie". Now full circle, I am using it again.

Don't let me mislead you that writing is my livelihood. I worked nearly 8 years in insurance and 34 years for the small post office in the town I grew up in, the last 17 tears as Postmaster (note: master, never mistress). I am now retired, and my other titles include Wife, mother, grammy and volunteer. I am now more seriously pursuing my dream title of published author.


I am on a journey now, with my first published book, "A Fish in a Tree"--not to be confused with "Fish in a Tree"--I didn't google my title when I started, but my book could not have any other name anyway. Nothing else would do.

book cover of a fish in a tree

I think I will leave you with this for now, a little introduction about me. I'll be back! Until next time...

As Always,


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